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FAG bearing installation problems adjustment measures

Do not install directly hammering end face bearing and non-bearing surface, briquetting, sleeve or other installation tools FAG Bearings even by force, do not pass power installation through the rolling elements. If the mounting surface is coated with oil, will make the installation more smoothly. With interference, the bearing into the mineral oil heated to 80 ~ 90 ℃ as soon as possible after installation, and strictly control the oil temperature does not exceed 100 ° C in order to prevent the tempering effect reduce the hardness and impact of size recovery. Demolition difficulties, it is recommended that you use the removal tool to pull out at the same time to the inner ring carefully poured the hot oil, heat causes the bearing inner ring expansion, making it easier to fall off.
Not all of FAG bearings require a minimum clearance conditions, you must choose the appropriate clearance. GB 4604-93, the rolling bearing radial clearance is divided into five groups Group 2, 0, 3, 4, 5, clearance value of the order from small to large, the group standard clearance. The basic radial clearance group applies to general operating conditions for normal temperature and common interference fit; work under special conditions of high temperature, high-speed, low noise, and low friction shaft Chengze Yi selection of large radial clearance; precision spindle, machine tool spindle bearings, etc. should be chosen smaller radial clearance; For roller bearings can keep a small amount of clearance work. In addition, separate bearings does not matter clearance; Finally, the bearings installed after clearance than the original clearance before installation, because the bearings to withstand a certain load rotation, as well as bearing fit and load The amount of elastic deformation.
With inlaid seal bearing the seal defects during the adjustment process, two steps need to be strict.
The mosaic seal bearing mounted on to cover structural reform to both sides of the bearing, the bearing mounting structure from the device to adjust, you do not need to be in direct contact with the bearing, bearings from FAG Bearings external dust. Sealing effect of this structure is higher than the bearing seal bearing sales agents directly block the intrusion path of the particulate matter to ensure that the cleaning of the interior of the bearing. This structure to enhance the cooling space of the bearing, the bearing fatigue resistance less damaging.
2 outer bearing seal sealing effect is good, but the thermal path that delay, so need to install cooling components. The cooling means can reduce the operating temperature of the lubricant, after cooling by natural cooling, FAG bearings can avoid the high temperature operation.


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