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Clearance of bearing box and shaft and SKF bearings

1, standard type
Installation method of bearing box with a clamping ring and the fixing plate.
Install the SKF bearings can cause bearing deformation by the positioning screw, should try to avoid.
2, flange type
Mounting flange linear bearing, and bearing inside the hole surface precision matching must be accurate.
3, adjustable type (small type)
The bearing and the bearing box opening is vertical, can get the circumferential direction uniform preload.
4, large opening
If used in conjunction with the bearing seat is appropriate, can also carry out the clearance adjusting bearing large openings, or even add light preload.
5, the installation notes
The seat load bearing linear bearings, should use the auxiliary work, avoid direct percussion face or seal ring, bearing should be used in the import buffer plate, uniform, with gently on load.
The optical axis into linear bearings, must be the center line of the shaft and the bearing in a straight line. If the tilt of the axis is inserted, the ball may fall off, or cause the holder variant, caused by damage to the linear bearing.
The load distribution in the bearing should be average, especially under the instantaneous load, should use the SKF bearing two or more. Linear bearing does not bear the rotating load, otherwise can lead to accident.


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