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FAG ceramic bearings and steel bearing its advantage compared with

Ceramic bearing steel bearing has the following advantages of magic:
1, speed and acceleration of high - value in DN more than 3000000 operating conditions, and the sliding, wear and heat can reduce;
The fatigue life of ceramic bearing 2, long service life, wear -- all-steel bearings is expected to more than 10 - 50 times, hybrid ceramic bearing, life is better than the life of bearing steel FAG with high 3-5 times;
3, the coefficient of friction - Lubrication ceramic materials are low, the ceramic bearings, in lubricating oil thinning or lean conditions, the lubricating ability is not lower than the traditional steel bearings commonly used lubricants;
4, wear and corrosion - as a result of ceramic materials as inert material, so it is more resistant to corrosion and abrasion;
5, the rigid - because the elastic modulus of ceramic material with high rigidity, the 15-20% larger than ordinary steel bearing;
6, high temperature resistant, ceramic FAG bearings temperature above 500C work;
7, low - torque according to the structure, ceramic bearing torque is reduced about 1/3;
8, no damage to magnetic nonconductive - ceramic FAG bearings can not magnetic, electric.
With the in-depth study and a large number of manufacturing technology breakthroughs, application prospect of the ceramic bearings in high speed, high temperature, corrosion and other fields will be very substantial.


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