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Grease failure analysis of abnormal SKF bearing vibration phenomenon

There is a close relationship between the failure of lubricating grease SKF bearings and bearing working conditions, in which the most important is speed and temperature, single row deep groove sealed ball bearings, the grease filling amount of free space of the 1/4 bearing, SKF bearing speed n=3000 rpm, relationship of grease under no load condition and the service life the outer ring of the bearing temperature.
SKF bearing grease in the bearing rotation is started in the bearing internal movement and redistribution, the result is a roller bearing grease working surface due to the effect of shear stress, grease, soap fiber was thinning, a viscous fluid and play the role of lubrication. In the raceway on both sides of the lubricating grease without shearing, play only to prevent the raceway is grease refining loss and prevent outside contamination intrusion action. When the SKF bearing stops rotating, vanishing shear stress in the grease, soap fiber grease inside began to combined into a mesh structure.
Mainly has the following several points from the view of lubrication analysis of bearing vibration SKF and abnormal reasons:
1, the high frequency vibration
One of the reasons for high frequency vibration of SKF bearing formation is the work surface of the bearing lubrication, metal surface friction surfaces in relative motion is not completely separated from the lubricating oil film, rolling or sliding contact surfaces of metal asperity mutual collision and friction, high frequency pulse vibration. High-frequency SKF pulse vibration is a precursor of bearing, bearing lubrication bad practice has proved, when the bearing high frequency pulse vibration average value increases, the lubrication state of the poor tend, high frequency pulse vibration amplitude increases, the working surface of the bearing material.
2, irregular abnormal sound
This kind of noise are no rules in the sound cycle vibration and sound frequency, the reasons for its formation can be spoiled or foreign body intrusion lubricant from the SKF bearings are used, as long as the clean degree of lubricant is likely to eliminate this kind of noise.


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