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The identification of the FAG bearing lubrication oil have good ideas

As everyone knows the choice of lubricating oil quality can greatly increase the service life of FAG bearings , now on the market there is no lack of lubricating oil of some poor in seconds, in the notice to buy bearing lubricating oil must understand how to identify oil, in addition to the regular store to, the only way to ensure that you buy into lubricating oil quality.
A, FAG bearing lubrication oil moisture inspection; 1, the oil in the test tube, is it right? Have a look the transparency of transparent, if not cloudy a this is inside added moisture. 2, in the test tube and then have a look into the lubricating oil heating tube wall has no water, if there is the added water. 3, the copper sulfate white powder without crystal water in the tube is filled with lubricating oil, if the copper sulfate into blue and sink to the bottom, that water in lubricating oil.
B, FAG bearing lubrication oil particle inspection; 1, in a clean glass piece is placed on a horizontal, lubricating oil were a drop to be checked and standard quality, then the glass plate tilt, comparison of two kinds of lubricating oil flow speed and distance, velocity, distance, description of low viscosity, viscosity is high and vice versa. 2, the lubricating oil to be checked and standard quality are respectively arranged in the two tubes, the oil surface in the tube of 5 mm, the tube mouth shut, two test tubes at the same time inversion, observation of bubble rising velocity, if the detected oil than the standard oil bubble rise faster, description the oil viscosity than the standard oil viscosity is low, and vice versa.
Identification of C, FAG bearing lubrication performance of lubricating oil; with the thumb and index finger rub each other, if the sticky feeling, indicating that the oil has good lubricating property, if the feeling of astringent, illustrate the lubrication performance has deteriorated.
D, FAG bearing lubrication oil mechanical impurity inspection; gasoline dilution filtration, have a look there is no impurities filtered.
Learn more than 4 FAG bearing lubrication oil identification method, will not buy inferior oil, FAG bearing service life greatly increased, potentially saving business cost.


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