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Rolling regular maintenance should pay attention to anomalies analysis

Rolling equipment for regular maintenance, operation and external parts replacement bearings were removed for inspection, necessary in order to determine whether the second bearing parts can be used again and record the use of the good in the bad. Should carefully investigate and record split down the bearing and appearance of the situation. In order to understand and investigate remaining amount of lubricant, after the sampling, to a good wash bearings.
Second, check the bearing raceway, rolling surface and the mating surface of the situation and the state of wear of the cage and other signs of damage and anomalies in particular, to observe the raceway running track. Determine the bearing can be used again, to consider the extent of bearing damage, machine performance, the importance of operating conditions, inspection cycles and then later decide.
Check the results, if we find there is damage and abnormal rolling bearings, follow the bearing damage identify the reasons for the phenomenon, to develop countermeasures. In addition, test results, if there are several flaws words below, bearing it can not be used again, you need to replace the bearings.
a. inner and outer rings, rolling elements, cage cracks and any one of them will be fragmented.
b. inner and outer rings, rolling elements of any one of a release.
c. raceway, ribs, rolling a significant injury card.
d. cage badly worn or loose rivets terrible.
e. raceway, rolling rust and have scars.
f. rolling surface, rolling on and playing a significant indentation marks.
g. inner diameter surface or outer diameter on the creep.
h. overheating discoloration powerful.
i. grease seals and dust sealed bearings to severe damage.
Bearing failure during operation is often the case, so do not make a fuss. A fault, determine and deal with the key.
1 bearing temperature
At the institutional operation, install the bearing parts allow a certain temperature, when the stroking mechanism housing should not feel hot to normal, otherwise indicates that the bearing temperature.
Bearing temperature causes are: oil quality does not meet the requirements or deterioration, lubricant viscosity is too high; institutions assembly too tight (lack of space); bearing assembly tight; bearing ring on the shaft or housing rotation; overload Large; bearing cage or rolling fragmentation.
2 Bearing Noise
Rolling in the work allow slight noise, if the noise is too large or unusual noise or crash, it indicates that the bearing has failed.
Rolling noise is more complex reasons, one is the bearing inner and outer rings with surface wear. Since this kind of wear and tear in, destroyed the bearings and housings, bearings and shaft with the relationship, leading to a deviation from the correct position axis, the axis moves at high speed generate abnormal sound. When the bearing fatigue, the surface metal flake, but also make the bearing radial clearance increased abnormal sound. In addition, the lack of bearing lubrication, the formation of dry friction, and bearing broken, etc. will have an unusual sound. Songkuang bearing wear, the loose retainer damage, bearing damage will produce abnormal noise.


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