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SKF Bearing temperature effects on life

When the bearing temperature rises, first determine whether the malfunction, if they really rise, should be handled as follows:
(1) Check the cooling water pressure, flow and piping systems are normal. If water filter may be clogged down and can not handle, you can stop processing, when the confirmation able to work, and then put into use.
(2) should be checked governor oil pressure, oil pressure may result if the cooling water hydraulic valve is closed.
(3) Check Bearings Are there differences in tone and bearing swing detect whether there is an exception.
(4) Take oil samples observe whether there is oil color changes, and conduct tests to see whether the deterioration. If confirmed deterioration should be replaced with new oil shutdown.
(5) Check the oil standard oil level is normal, if not normal, check the tank drain valve is closed. If you have already closed, should fill the oil, if it is sealed cushion permeability should stop processing.
When we use SKF bearings, if found that the temperature is very high in the case, then quickly stop the operation of equipment, and then find out the causes and the solutions provided in accordance with the above-mentioned processes, but may be due to different reasons bearing heating, So, to solve in different ways, so we should treat specific conditions, with the help of the technical staff to complete.
According to the different applications and SKF bearing size and type, choose the appropriate installation method (mechanical or hydraulic) and tools. Here are some basic principles bearing installation:
Approximately 90% of SKF bearings from them where the device has never been detached before, usually only the larger bearing only because of scheduled preventive maintenance program and removed. And installation of a bearing as the bearing must also be carefully prepared demolition, the demolition process, to ensure that the adjacent parts such as shafts and bushings are not damaged. According to bearing type, size, and select the appropriate application methods and tools.
Lubricants can be isolated metal bearing surfaces (eg rolling element bearing ring and bearing cover), thus reducing friction and protect the metal parts and prevent pollution and impurities. There are various lubricants (including grease, oil and solid) used for different operating conditions. The correct selection of bearings and lubricants on extending equipment life is very important.
Generally, SKF Bearings very reliable, although their limited life. With the machine, like all other major components, they should be regularly inspected and maintained. Inspection and maintenance frequency depends on the importance of individual applications and the operating conditions of each device.
Practice makes perfect, but proper training is the basis of practice. Chamber of famous bearing production for commercial, technical or workshop staff offers a variety of training courses. If the technical staff in dealing with bearings possess basic knowledge in the process, then you can avoid significant errors. Design and product development engineers can optimize the bearing design to maximize equipment performance, minimize life cycle costs.
SKF bearings are usually pumps and other equipment to the important parts, despite bearing very reliable top quality, but to ensure they have the longest life, still pay more attention. Correct storage, discreet installation and removal, adequate lubrication and re-lubrication, the correct status monitoring, timely maintenance and, finally, improving staff training, to improve bearing life and equipment performance are very important. General, SKF bearing temperature rise slowly as the operation begins 1-2 hours after reaching steady state. SKF Bearing normal temperatures along with the machine heat capacity, heat capacity, speed and load varies.
Whether in the shaft or bearing, the bearing are required in the radial, axial and tangential direction in three directions fixed its position. Radial and tangential positioning is through the tight fit of the bearing rings to achieve, however the axial positioning only in a few cases a tight fit; generally use limit axial parts, such as the end cap and the collar of the shaft to the position defined in the clearance range.
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