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SKF bearings lubricated bearing metamorphic failure a certain impact on the

SKF bearings as the main components of the locomotive, especially traction motors, axle bearings, and its function for safe transport plays an important role, locomotives running on the line, once the bearing failure will cause the whole train does not run, blocking transport of line especially passenger train fails, the negative impact is even greater, but once the locomotive bearing failure, repair of locomotives is very difficult, so the locomotive bearing failure to prevent and reduce the occurrence of safety for motorcycle transport it is very important, can the bearing before loading the bearings will have hidden faults detected, ensure that qualified bearing parts on the car is the focus of this paper.
    Bearing failure
   SKF Bearing serious damage is often not a single cause, but the combined effect of several aspects, in harsh operating conditions creating a vicious circle, leading to severe burning of the bearing, so after the accident, is often difficult to determine from the what causes that will give us the development of relevant measures to bring some difficulties for the convenience of discussion, starting with the analysis of several aspects of bearing failure causes.
In the process of using a bearing, the grease is critical. If you use a grease deterioration not only achieve its proper role, away will damage the bearings.
① oil flow observation
Take two measuring cups, one containing the lubricating oil to be checked, the other empty on the table, will be filled with oil cup held high 30-40 cm away from your desk and tilt, allowing oil to flow slowly empty cup , the observed flow, good quality lubricating oil flow should be slender, uniform, continuous, if there is oil flow unsteadiness, sometimes with large shed, then say oil has gone.
② hand twist method
Twist the lubricant between the thumb and index finger repeatedly grinding, good hand feel lubricating oil, less wear debris, no friction, if they feel the sand between your fingers like a larger sense of friction, then the oil Within impurities, can not be reused and should be replaced with new oil.
③ photopheresis
On a clear day, the oil lifted with a screwdriver, angle of 45 degrees with the horizontal. Control sunlight, observe droplets situation, in the light, you can clearly see the oil is no debris is good, can continue to function, if too much debris, replace the oil.
④ droplets traces France
Take a clean white filter paper, drip a few drops on the filter paper until the oil leak, if the surface has black powder, a resistive touch astringent sense, then the lubricant inside has a lot of impurities, good No lubricant powder, hand feels dry and smooth, and yellow marks.
   Installation of the bearing
   Bearing inner ring and the shaft does not match the amount of interference with the gap, but also easily lead to bearing failure, interference capacity, is likely to cause the bearing inner ring due to excessive tensile stress and crack, the amount of interference is too small, it is very likely to cause bearing inner ring "flaccid."
   SKF Bearing assembly with clearance fit properly, are likely to cause bearing failure, a small clearance is likely to cause friction roller and raceway heating, as the temperature is rising, the bearing inner ring, rolling elements, cage, outer ring, end The temperature is not the same as the cover, there is a temperature difference between, and thus the amount of expansion is slightly different, with the gap will result in a further reduction, increased heat generation of the bearing. The gap is too large, roller vibrations increase, exacerbating the roller and raceway impact, but also easily lead to uneven distribution of internal loads, carrying roller to reduce the central roller load is too large.
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