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About timken bearing hydrodynamic FAQ What?

Hydrostatic timken bearings means is the use of a special oil, the oil pressure with a certain static pressure oil chamber into the bearing. Forming a film pressure, pressure difference between the static pressure chamber, a balance load, the bearing lubrication in a fully liquid state of work.
1, the depth of the cavity structure mixed timken bearings: high-speed cylindrical grinding machine spindle M1432, MGA6025 grinding tools, such as light load.
2, the hole in the donut room high-speed hydrostatic spindle bearing timken cutting depth: carrier, such as MG1432 cylindrical grinding, MM7150 mill, M1080 centerless grinding, roll grinding machine.
3, the static and dynamic pressure bearings: a wide range of load and speed of the spindle changes.
4, conical hydrostatic timken bearings: suitable for high speed internal grinding spindle system (such as the 2110 internal grinder), spindle, and in the channel grinder.
We should pay attention to when using the question:
1, the normal use should be replaced after one year # 2 spindle oil and coarse and fine filters.
2, pump the normal use, be sure to add Layer 3 filtering participate silk.
3, the spindle pulleys, wheel loading must work state, stops the pumping. In the stationary state of the oil slick spindle stop. It does not damage the shaft and hydrodynamic timken bearings.
4, first look at the work of hydrostatic spindle grinding wheel, the pump can be within the standard range.
5, equipment downtime, you must first stop the grinding motor until the wheel is completely stopped, and then turn off the pump, or easily damaged grinder.
6, any component of the pump, be sure to remove the high pressure oil hose fittings, changes in finished parts, 15-20 minutes before the grinding cycle oil can be divided into self-tubing connection, thus ensuring the oil is passed into the grinding spindle fine super clean and spindle oil filter.


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