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Lubricated bearing repair methods

Lubricated bearing repair methods: lubricant inside the bearing lubrication can be broadly divided into two kinds of oils and fats.
Repair: Preliminary matter: a dry towel, pointed pliers, NSK bearing cleaning night, bearing lubricating oil or grease smooth.
1, boring: the bearing from the cleaning fluid get into it and wipe it with a dry towel cleaning solution, and then placed in a cool place to dry.
2, bearing cleaning solution: the bearings immersed in the market to buy a bearing cleaning solution and swing time, foreign body inside the bearing will be rocking into it, and some store-bought ultrasonic cleaning machine is also useful for eliminating foreign sponsorship .
3, based on trends in injecting lubricant inside the bearing inject grease or oil, cover with side shields on the C-shaped ring from Xin'an.
4 Remove the C-shaped ring and cover: inside the bearing with a dry towel to wipe off the dirty stuff, and then with a sharp C-shaped ring pliers to mention live on one side of the C-shaped ring and guard scored.
5, detection: already assembled into the original condition of the bearing inner ring with your fingers caught behind the line a few times to turn.
Other ways:
1, progress gears.
2, to increase the resistance, viscosity of the lubricating oil used.
3, adjust the gap.
4, grinding gears, progressive meshing accuracy.
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