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SKF bearing low noise countermeasure applications

Although the nature of this noise is due to a manufacturing error , but in fact is still the choice of the lubricant , SKF bearing installation conditions , the accuracy of the shaft and housing status. This noise is divided into the cage chatter sound and sound categories , as described below :
( 1 ) sound and control cage
Cage sound is severe vibration and rolling element cage issued cyclical impact of vibration and noise , and friction in the pocket hole large pine prone .
This noise occurs mainly in ball bearings and tapered roller bearings , and stamping cage and solid cage will occur , the use of grease or oil lubrication occurs , but in poor lubrication or lubricant is dried up , the radial gap is large, the outer ring moment load , and when the cage dysplasia and accuracy is not high, the more prone to serious when the cage webs or rivet head will suddenly break.
Noise and vibration control cage methods are ; Use good lubrication performance lubricants ; reduce SKF bearing installation error ; compression bearing radial clearance or axial preload them properly , as well as a good selection of reasonable structure with a precision cage bearings, or switch to cage firmly and without worn bearings.
( 2 ) chatter sound and control
Chatter sound is directly connected with the bearing surface waviness the rolling noise, which is a pure tone noise , for a constant speed, its frequency is constant , and for changing the rotational speed , which change with the frequency .
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