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Double row angular contact ball bearing friction noise the basic problems of the material

SKF bearings inner ring and the shaft is a tight fit , the outer ring and housing for the more loose fit , can be pressed press the bearings mounted in double row angular contact ball bearings , and then loaded with the shaft with the bearing housing , the pressure FAG bearings when installed in the end face of a soft metal pad assembly sleeve ( copper or soft steel ) . Assembly casing diameter should be slightly larger than the journal diameter , outer diameter less than the inner diameter of the bearing wall diameter , in order to avoid pressure on the retainer . When a large number of mounting the bearing on the sleeve plus a handle .
In the absence or inability to use the local press , you can use a hammer assembly casing and install double row angular contact ball bearings. Hammering force should be evenly spread NSK bearings ring face the entire circumference , so assembly casing is made by hammering the face should be spherical . The force required to install the bearings and bearing size and amount of interference with the size of that for a large amount of interference , the large bearing commonly used method of thermal loading . Thermal loading before the separable bearings TIMKEN bearings or rings into the tank or a dedicated heater uniformly heated to 80 ~ 100 ℃ ( should not exceed 100 ℃).
Double row angular contact ball bearings and bearing shaft to prevent direct contact adhesion and formation of boundary lubrication performance. Affect compatibility Friction material factors are:
( 1 ) constitute a sub- metallurgical alloy material degree of difficulty .
( 2 ) materials and lubricants affinity and capacity .
( 3 ) into secondary materials without lubrication state friction factor .
( 4 ) the material microstructure .
( 5) The thermal conductivity of the material .
( 6) The surface energy of the size and the characteristics of the oxide film .
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