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lindrical roller bearing inner ring flange installation

1, cleaning of cylindrical roller bearings and related parts
Have grease lubrication of cylindrical roller bearings and double-sided with seals or shields, sealed ring of cylindrical roller bearing without cleaning before installation.
2, installation method
Cylindrical roller bearings with cylindrical roller bearings should be installed in accordance with the structure, size and nature of cylindrical roller bearing parts fit, pressure should be directly added to the tight fit on the ferrule end face, shall not pass through the rolling pressure on cylindrical roller bearings are mounted using the following methods:
A. press fit
Cylindrical roll child bearing within circle and axis makes tight tie, outer ring and cylindrical roll child bearing block hole is more pine tie Shi, available pressure machine will cylindrical roll child bearing first pressure loaded in axis Shang, then will axis together with cylindrical roll child bearing together loaded into cylindrical roll child bearing block hole within, pressure loaded Shi in cylindrical roll child bearing within circle end surface Shang, pad a soft metal do of Assembly casing (copper or soft steel), Assembly casing of bore should than axis neck diameter slightly big, od diameter should than cylindrical roll child bearing within circle retaining side slightly small, so as not to pressure in keep rack Shang. Outer ring of cylindrical roller bearing and a cylindrical roller bearing block hole of tight fit, when the inner ring and shaft for a loose fit may be first onto the cylindrical roller in cylindrical roller bearings bearing block hole, fitted sleeve outside diameter slightly smaller than the bore diameter. If cylindrical roller bearing ring and shaft or housing bore when you are tight fit, installing the indoor ring and the outer ring pressed into the shaft and housing bore, assemble the casing structure should be able to simultaneously put tight inner ring and outer ring of cylindrical roller bearing surface.
B. heating combined with
By heating of cylindrical roller bearings or bearing, uses of thermal expansion of the tight fit into the loose fit of the installation method. Is a commonly used and the installation of labor-saving method. This law for had Ying volume larger of cylindrical roll child bearing of installed, hot loaded Qian put cylindrical roll child bearing or can separation type cylindrical roll child bearing of rings into tank in the uniform heating 80-100 ℃, then from oil in the removed as soon as possible loaded to axis Shang, for prevent cooling Hou within circle end surface and axis shoulder fitting not tight, cylindrical roll child bearing cooling Hou can again for axis to tight solid. Outer ring of cylindrical roller bearing with cylindrical roller bearings of the light metal when a tight fit, heating of cylindrical roller bearings and hot charging method, you can avoid abrasions to the mating surfaces. With tank heating cylindrical roll child bearing Shi, in from bottom must distance Department due a network gate, or with hooks hanging with cylindrical roll child bearing, cylindrical roll child bearing cannot put to bottom Shang, prevent sank impurities entered cylindrical roll child bearing within or not uniform of heating, tank in the must has thermometer, strictly control oil temperature shall not over 100 ℃, to prevent occurred tempered effect, makes rings of hardness reduced.
When installing a cylindrical roller bearing, verticality inspection shaft and shaft centerline. Approach is to test Micron indicators fixed on the tank shell surface, touch the top of the head of the table in the axial Raceway of cylindrical roller bearing top rotating cylindrical roller bearings, side observation test Micron indicators pointer, pointer swing, indicating shaft and shaft centerline is not normal. When a tank shell hole deeper, and can also be used to lengthen the micrometer heads tested.
  Cylindrical roller bearings are mounted correctly, the seat automatically adapt to the rolling elements of rolling to ensure rolling body Raceway is located in the upper and lower circle. If installed backwards, cylindrical roller bearings not only does not work correctly, and all the mating surfaces will be badly worn. Due to the shaft and washer and the difference is not very apparent, assembling be careful, not to make a mistake. In addition, the thrust force cylindrical roller bearing's seat with cylindrical roller bearing block hole of the 0.2-0.5mm should also be a gap between to compensate parts machining and installation errors caused by inaccurate, when still in operation when offset from center of cylindrical roller bearing rings, this gap ensures that automatically adjust, avoid touching the friction, to operate properly. Otherwise, caused severe damage in cylindrical roller bearings.


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