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Brief description of machine tool spindle NSK bearing technology requirements

On the machine tool bearings, NSK bearings are widely used, machine tool spindle NSK bearings have some technical requirements.
Machine spindle NSK bearing technology requirements: on the machine tool bearings, NSK bearings are widely used. Spindle NSK bearings have some technical requirements.
1, the speed and temperature rise: with the development of science and technology, machine tool spindle speed and higher, increasing speed range and, therefore, increasingly high requirements for stability of bearings for high-speed operation. Machine tool spindle bearing temperature rise limit bearing speed is an important factor. Under normal circumstances, proper selection of bearing type, the tolerance class, configuration, clearance (preload) sizes, lubricants and lubrication, and so, to a certain extent improve the speed performance of rolling bearings.
2, and bearing service life: General machine, spindle components of life mainly refers to maintain their precision spindle used the term and, therefore, requires precision of the bearing to maintain performance meet the requirements of service life of spindle components. For heavy-duty machine tools or heavy cutting machine tool, you should first consider the carrying capacity of the bearings.
3, rigidity and vibration resistance: to ensure the machine processing quality, must have sufficient rigidity of the spindle system, or a large complex mapping error will occur even flutter. Vibration resistance refers to the ability to resist forced vibration and self-excited vibration. Vibration resistance depending on the spindle and spindle components bearing stiffness and damping. Preload can be effective in improving the rigidity of spindle system for rolling bearings.
4 noise: high speed grinder, grinding head bearing noise is the main ingredient of the overall noise level, should select low noise rolling bearings.


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