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Fag bearings erosion in three ways

      Fag bearings erosion will directly affect the life of the bearing , which has the following three ways:

      A cavitation

      Bearing cavitation damage in the form of the surface in contact with the solid surface of the liquid and the resulting relative motion . When the lubricant film in the area of ​​low pressure , the oil will form a bubble , the bubble movement to the high pressure zone at a pressure of the bubble collapse , the collapse at the moment have a great impact force and high temperature , solid surface in action under repeated impact, material fatigue off, the friction surface appear small pits , and then developed into a sponge -like scars. Heavy duty , high speed, and large changes in load and speed plain bearings , often cavitation ;

      2 , fluid erosion

      Fag bearings fluid erosion refers to the impact of fluid heated fluid will cause erosion of the solid surface , solid surface punctate scars , smooth surface such damage ;

      3 , electrical erosion

      Bearing corrosion is due to the electrical motor or electrical leakage, a spark is generated between the friction surface of the bearing FAG cause scars point on the frictional surface , characterized in that damage occurs on the hard reciprocating journal surface .

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