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Timken bearing installation should pay attention to four issues

      In order to improve the efficiency and service life of the bearing timken during use , the installation timken bearings must pay attention to the following four items:

      1, Timken bearings should be installed in the clean , clean room , timken bearings should carefully matching , timken bearing spacer to go through the grind , keep the inner and outer rings under the premise of high spacer , spacer parallelism 1um should be controlled in the following ;

      2, Timken bearings should be cleaned before installing clean, cleaning the inner slope upward , feel should be flexible , no sense of stagnation , dry , placed in a predetermined amount of grease, oil mist lubrication should be placed in the case of a small amount of oil mist ;

      3, Timken bearings should be used special tools to install , even by force , is strictly prohibited beat ;

      4, Timken bearings shall be stored in clean air , non-corrosive gases, relative humidity less than 65% , long-term storage should be regularly rust.

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