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How to measure the fag bearing inner and outer rings directly ?

      For measuring the diameter of the bearing inner and outer rings fag primarily utilized in small taper spindles simulate real universal tool microscope mounted on the process .

      Measuring fag bearing inner diameter: 4mm first instead of the standard fag bearing ring ( inner diameter of the available dry micrometer calibration ring ) mounted on the mandrel , with the left end of the inner sleeve and the top nut fastening the roof , measure the ring the axial position of the mandrel , then change the axial position of the measured bearing fag fag bearing mandrel , the mandrel according to taper from the size of the ring gauge diameter and relative axial position can be calculated from the inner diameter of the bearing fag . Taking into account the existence of fag bearing inner ring rounded axial position can also be applied by the spindle taper red lead powder , use indentation contact the inner ring and determine the axial position of the cone . Negligible influence also rounded , tapered mandrel shown in Figure 2 , axial radial error caused by the error can be less than 0.1mm 0.3tma.

      Measuring fag bearing outer diameter : Keep left intact, install top right of the outer sleeve , with the right end of the top tight nut and fixed directly measure the outer diameter of the outer ring of a fixed position and measured in the axial direction.

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