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Select the desired bearing grease five points

      Speaking grease, grease is quite common , and its main role is to lubrication, sealing and protection . Bearings are important parts of mechanical parts , so be sure to pay attention to when using , such as the choice of grease must also pay attention to the following five priorities, to prevent unnecessary damage to the bearing .

      1 , rust resistance

      Use grease in the bearings must have rust. And may form a film on the steel appearance. Rust inhibitor preferably insoluble in water. Grease should have good adhesion.

      2, the mechanical stability

      When machining oils become soft . Bearing grease flung from the bearing . If the mechanical stability of the oil is not enough, resulting in leakage. Normal operation . During operation , make soap grease mechanical disintegration of the structure , causing fats to be destroyed, and thus loss of lubrication .

      3, seal

      Seal is required to maintain the bearings and lubricants from external contamination barrier. Whether debris or moisture can not penetrate the bearing , the bearing during operation . Avoid causing its destruction. Correct device is an important factor in enjoying their longest play bearing life . At the same time , must pay attention to the cleanliness of the bearing , bearing selection is correct and the choice of appropriate equipment and maintenance tools. Bearing Enterprise

      Further , the bearing is necessary to prevent contamination by moisture and contaminants , and ensure that there is proper means and lubrication. Therefore, the design of the bearing with the column , condition seals and lubricant type and lubrication cycle , and even a dedicated home for all the same plays and important role.

      4 , mixed oils

      Never put grease incompatible mix . Usually soften its consistency , if two incompatible grease mix. Finally, the loss may be due to damage caused by grease easily bearings . If you do not know what kind of bearing grease originally used , then you must first completely remove the old grease bearings inside and outside , before adding new grease.

      5 , the classification of oils

      The main distinction depending on the temperature and working conditions : oil according to its allowable working temperature classification. Resistant to a class of fats known extrusion or extrusion resistance and adding molybdenum disulfide , the lubricating grease consistency and ability to work at a certain temperature by the bearing operating temperature , the more will have to choose the correct consistency and good at the same temperature grease lubrication effect .

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