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FAG bearing grease and grease drain problem

For sealing FAG bearings, production has to fill in the appropriate oil, open bearing set the seal on the host, to prevent grease leakage. It has become a question of bearing grease. Too little attention to the fat content, can easily lead to lack of fat or dry friction affect life expectancy. Oil can cause excessive bearing temperature rise. Grease large quantities, not only pollute the environment, and waste. Therefore, entering the FAG bearings with bearing grease under the premise of better, in order to ensure adequate lubrication.
Lubricated friction: friction resistance, part of the film formed on the surface. Cooling temperature: through the oil flows away heat to prevent sintering. Clean: through the flow oil, clean the working surface of friction parts and other materials of metal production. Sealed leak-proof: reduce leakages and external contaminants. Corrosion: can be adsorbed onto the surface to prevent water, air, acids, harmful gases and contacts. Buffer: a sharp increase in engine cylinder pressure, sudden increase of Pistons, piston pins, connecting rod and crankshaft oil FAG bearing to withstand impact loading, load up a cushion.
Fat loss mainly for three reasons: chemical causes: partial heating and air friction lubricating effect, base oil and thickener are oxidized, causing grease structure was damaged, use softened losses. Physical reasons: as some of the friction in the operation, under constant shear stress in grease, SOAP structure damage, softened losses. Causes of impurity: the body produces sports apparel, metal powders can accelerate organic acids, oils, fat oxidation, thus undermining the structure, cause the oil to fail. According to the running state of equipment (including the load, temperature, speed, etc), proper selection of grease used for extended grease life.


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