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FAG bearing operation load card injury caused in the course of processing

So-called card injury due to FAG bearings on sliding surface injuries arising out of some minor burns from the total surface damage. Slide face, rolling circumference of linear scar. Roller end faces of Cycloid-shaped scars near the axis of the roller end faces injured by a Tori card.
Bearing injury occurs because:
Excessive loading, preloading. Poor lubrication. Foreign body of biting. Tilt, axial deflection of the outer ring of the inner ring. Axle and bearing boxes of poor accuracy.
Measures of bearing when an injury occurs:
Check the load size. Preloading to be appropriate. Improving lubricant and lubrication method. Check the precision of the shaft, the bearing box.
Choose to tie in with the first load vectors relative rotation of rings should be considered. Synthesis of radial load in accordance with the rotation vector relative to the ring, ring bear compound can be divided into: fixed, rotating loading and swings loads.
A. fixed load
Synthesis of the radial load acting on rings, bear by the Raceway of the local area, and transmitted to the shaft or housing of the corresponding local regions, this load is known as a fixed load. Rings of vector synthesis is characterized by radial load and relatively static. Subjected to directional load rings available in more cooperation.
B. rotating load
Synthesis of the radial load acting on rings, rolled along the road the circular direction, various parts of the sequence by exposure to such loads is called a rotating load, vector synthesis is characterized by radial load relative to the ring spinning. Ring subjected to rotating loads should be selected tight fit, in exceptional cases, when the load is light, or ring only occasionally subjected to heavy loads and low speed rotation, choose harder materials and surface roughness of FAG bearings is high, rings under rotating load can also be less choice of tie.
C. swinging load
Role in the radial direction of load indeterminate ring synthesis on this load called swinging weight or variable load, is characterized by its synthesis of radial loads on the ring swings within a certain area of the vector in the Raceway, Raceway area to take, or impact load is the load acting on a FAG bearing, vibration loads, its orientation, values constantly changing load. Bear swinging load bearing inner and outer cylinder works with State, the housing bore should be a tight fit.
For dimension of inner diameter and outer diameter of the bearing size is based on the standard tolerances of manufacture, bearing inner ring and shaft, with holes in the outer ring with tension only through the control shaft tolerances bore tolerances to achieve. FAG bearing inner ring and shaft fit-base hole, bearing outer ring and housing bore fit shaft. Common tie of rolling bearings. Proper selection of tie, you must know the actual loads of FAG bearings conditions, temperature and other requirements, which is very difficult in practice. Therefore, in most cases is selected based on refinements of tie.
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