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Tips for removing vibrating FAG bearings

  Improper removal of vibrating FAG bearings, FAG bearings caused internal damage. Contaminants may enter the FAG bearings or errors that may occur when you install again. Therefore, removing Shaker bearing must be very careful, the axis must have appropriate support, otherwise the removal power may hurt FAG bearings.
  1, peripheral removal
  Removal of interference fit outer ring, advance on the circumference of the shell sets several extrusion screw screw in the outer ring, and equally tighten the screw. Demolition. These screw holes usually covered with blind plug, vibrating Taper roller bearing, separable, shell shoulders set several incisions, use pads, press remove, or gently beating the demolition.
  2, vibrating cylindrical hole of FAG bearings removal
  Removal of the inner ring, you can use a pressure machine unplug the latest simple. In this case, pay attention to the inner ring to sustain its force.
  Removal of the inner ring of the bearing using the hydraulic method of large vibrating screen. By setting the oil hole oil pressure on the axis, so easy to pull. Width of FAG bearings the oil injection and extraction fixture and demolition.
  NU, NJ type bearing inner rings of cylindrical roller vibrating screen removal can take advantage of induction heating method. Local heating in a short time, making drawing after the expansion of the inner ring.
  3, taper hole of FAG bearings removal
  Removal of relatively small with FAG bearing adapter sleeves, fastened on the shaft of the document supporting the inner ring, nut back after several times, using pads with a hammer knocking at the demolition.


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