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FAG bearing rating life and dynamic load rating

1, bearing life under certain loads, FAG bearings in the event before pitting or turn into hours of experience, known as the service life of the bearing.
Because manufacturing precision, uniformity of the material differences, even if it is the same material, same bearings of the same size, used under the same conditions of work, their life expectancy is not the same. If the statistical life expectancy of 1 unit, the longest life expectancy of 4 units, the shortest is 0.1-0.2 units, ratio between longest and shortest lifespan for the 20-40 times.
Criteria for determining FAG bearing life, linking life and reliability of bearings.
2, the rated life of the same specifications (model, materials, process) a group of bearings, used under the same conditions of work, 90% bearings are not pitting, or turn into hours of experience is called bearing rating life.
3, the basic dynamic load ratings for pitting corrosion resistance of bearing capacity of FAG bearings, bearing rating life of 1 million cycles under (106), it is able to withstand the maximum load for the basic dynamic load rating, expressed in c.
That is, FAG bearings under dynamic load rating c, this bearing 1 million (106) without pitting failure higher the greater the reliability 90%,C bearing capacity.
For the basic dynamic load rating 1) radial spherical plain bearings is purely radial load 2) thrust ball bearings is purely axial load 3) radial spherical plain thrust bearings is purely radial displacement radial component


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