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Factors affecting the life of FAG bearings itself checks

Length of the service life of bearings, typically under the influence of material and technology both personal factors.
Spherical plain bearing material is to a large extent determines the life span of FAG bearings, had the metallurgical quality of the bearing is the biggest cause of premature failure of rolling bearings. Material effect on the service life of the bearings, metallurgical technology to increase substantially after the materials have appeared bearing steel, has been greatly improved.
Bearing failure analysis, bearing failure caused by raw material has already been reduced significantly, but also remains a major cause of bearing failure, is the main constraint factor in bearing service life.
FAG bearings for complex manufacturing process has to go through many processes before you can get the finished product, forging, heat treatment, machining and grinding process of technological capability and quality will affect the life of the bearing and application, in particular heat treatment and grinding, but also many direct causes of bearing failure and require enterprises attach great importance to.
Joint bearing after installation, in order to check the installation is correct, check operation. Small machinery can be rotated by hand to determine if rotating smoothly. Check project are caused by foreign bodies, scar, indentation to seize up, by poor installation, mounting bad moments of instability and processing, clearance is too small, installation error, caused by seal friction torque is too large, and so on. If no exception can start power operation.
Large machinery cannot be manually rotated, so no load starting cut off immediately after power, machine idling, check for vibrations, noise, is there contact rotating parts, and so on, after you determine that no exception, running into the engine.
Power operation, starting from no-load speed slowly up to the rated operation of the premises. Things to check for in the commissioning, is there abnormal sound, variations in bearing temperatures, lubricant leakage or discoloration, and so on. If abnormal, immediately stop operation, check the machine, if necessary, to remove the bearings check.
Bearing temperature, usually according to the external temperature of the housing speculation. But direct measurement of FAG bearings oil hole temperature more accurately. Bearing temperature, work began to rise, usually temperature-stable after 1-2 hours. If adverse bearing installation, temperature rises dramatically, resulting in abnormal high temperature. Reasons such as excessive lubrication, the bearing clearance is too small, poor installation, excessive seal friction. High speed rotation, bearings, lubrication and a cause, such as selecting the wrong way.
Joint rotating bearing sounds with a stethoscope to check, with strong metal noises, different sound irregular sound note exceptions. Due to poor lubrication, shaft or housing poor accuracy, bearing damage, the entry of foreign matter, and so on.


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