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For FAG bearing grinding technology

1, the basic requirements
Should make the shaft and FAG bearings even close contact, but also have a certain clearance.
2, contact angle is defined on the contact surface of the center shaft and FAG bearings angle.
The contact angle is not too big nor too small. The contact angle is too small will cause the FAG bearing pressure increases, serious when can make the FAG bearing large deformation, accelerated wear, shorten the service life; the contact angle is too large, will affect the oil film formation, no liquid lubrication good.
Experiments show that, FAG bearing contact angle limit is 120 °. When the FAG bearing wear to the contact angle of liquid lubrication to destruction. Therefore do not affect the premise of FAG bearing pressure conditions, the smaller the contact angle is better.
From the analysis of the friction from the theory, when the contact angle is 60 °, small friction moment, therefore, FAG bearing speed higher than 500r/min, contact angle with 60 DEG, speed is lower than the FAG bearing 500r/min, contact angle can be 90 degrees, also can use 60 °.
3, the contact point
The real contacting shaft and FAG bearings surface, available unit actual contact area point to represent. Contact point more, thinner, more uniform, said FAG bearing scraping the better, on the contrary, said FAG bearing scraping is not good.
Generally speaking, the contact point of the more detailed, scraping difficulty is greater. Should be determined according to the properties of contact points and working conditions of FAG bearings production, listed in the following table reference:
FAG bearing speed
Contact point (r/min)
(the number of contact points every 25 x 25 mm area)
100 the following 3~5
100~500 10~15
500~1000 15~20
1000~2000 20~25
More than 2000 of more than 25
Mechanical groups Ⅰ and Ⅱ precision can be used for the table data, grade Ⅲ precision machinery half the data in the table.


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