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FAG bearing installation and maintenance methods

FAG bearing applications where low-speed heavy working conditions, difficulties or maintenance and add oil the moving parts. How reasonably the FAG bearings installed and maintained it, usually to note which elements? FAG bearings maintenance must be paid attention to in the process cleaning, lubrication and so on a series of problems. A type of bearings FAG bearings are also very common, below I'll show you in a related knowledge, we hope to help you.
FAG bearing installation and maintenance note elements are as follows:
1, FAG bearings installed to ensure that the shaft in the bearing holes in turn flexible, accurate and stable.
2, attention to the smooth flow of oil, fuel and oil tanks connected. Rescrape tanker ideas on both sides to be soft, to form an oil film, ideas even at both ends to prevent oil leakage.
3, bearing and the housing bore must scrape paste it, Bush split on top 0.05~0.1mm, in order to pressure. Overall-bearing pressure to prevent deflection when, with fixing screws.
4, attention to cleanliness, scraping the greasy parts can occur during debugging, cleaning oiled after shave.
5, during use always check the lubrication of bearings, heat, vibration issues. In case of heat, smoke, stuck, and abnormal vibration, sound checks in a timely manner, there is a failure to carry out an analysis, and then take the appropriate measures.


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