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Proper use of spherical roller bearing grease effect on speed

Correct use of grease, you must know the grease grease in the bearing movements. Ensure stability of lubricating grease. Fill in a spherical roller bearing grease campaign as the FAG bearings rotates and generally can be divided into two phases.
In the General case, the filling amount of grease in the bearings, always exceeds the amount of directly involved in the actual needs of lubrication, cavity on the frame and bearing cover, and on the edge of the rolling forming an outline. In this process, due to the resistance of excess grease, bearing temperature rise quickly. Although most of the excess grease in the early running was out, and squeezing roller attachment for grease also could still be turned between the rolling elements into the Raceway. These bearing the initial phase of operation, most of the grease quickly (in less than a minute) crowding the Raceway, and piled up in the grease in the bearing rotor loop at the same time, one after another few to be discharged. Spherical roller bearing of Timor continues to rise, up until excess grease is discharged, may be called a grease collection phase, based on factors such as quality, quantity of lubricating grease in the bearings, which can last a dozen minutes, or even hours.
Precision bearings can reach speeds depends on bearing type, structure, material, type and size of load, lubricant and lubrication method. Hui Cheung-speed, limit of working temperature is attached.
High speed roller bearings required bearings low friction and heat generated, precision bearings and bearings are best suited to these applications.
Compared with other type of high precision bearings, self-aligning roller bearings can reach its full speed. Compare different series bearing the relative speed of the bearing.
Precision bearings can reach a speed of about and the 70CD series bearing the same. High speed bearings and radial bearings cannot be reached.


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