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Identifying method of rolling FAG bearings

⑴ identification of radial ball bearings
  Technical condition of normal radial ball bearings,, Raceway in the outer ring should be free of flaking and severe galling, and light to a circular Groove; all balls must be kept round, without spots, cracks and spalling on the surface; cage does not loose, not broken, not worn. Dang with a only handheld within ring, another a only hand quickly light push outer ring rotating Shi, requirements rotating smooth, only heard ball in roll road Shang scroll of minor sound, no vibration; stopped Shi should gradually deceleration, stopped Hou no back phenomenon, normal of centripetal heart ball bearing, therein, and outer ring and scroll body Zhijian of gap for 0.005-0.010mm, dang along radial shook both inside and outside ring Shi, should feel no gap. FAG bearings used, can hand-holding along the inner ring axial shaking several times, and there are clear sound when the outer ring and ball, stated that its clearance exceeds the 0.03mm, should not continue to use it.
  ⑵ identification of tapered roller bearing
  FAG bearings after use, should check whether the rolling elements and Raceway in flakes, cages are Yu Songkuang, inner ring around the edges are complete, outer ring raceways is cracked. Inner ring and roller Assembly mounted after the outer ring, roller roll should fall into the middle of the road, the first ascent of less than 1.5mm. There is an unqualified, that should not be used.
  ⑶ spherical roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings with identification
  This type of FAG bearings are separable in the outer ring. Normal state, the inner and outer ring raceways and rollers should be no broken wear marks, pits and deep; cage deformation and can be roller, keep your ring; inner and outer ring raceways and rollers clearance shall not exceed 0.06mm.
  ⑷ thrust ball bearing identification
  Normal state, two roller should be no peeling off injuries and severe wear, ball should be no breakage and pitting; cage deformation, not with two roller washer touch, and your ball firmly together.


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