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Maintenance method for FAG bearings after disassembly

Pillow block bearing maintenance and judgment: in order to determine whether removing bearings can be used, check bearing wash after. Check the Raceway surface, rolling, status of the mating surfaces, wear of the cage, FAG bearings clearance increases and has nothing to do with precision drop damage, unusual. Non-separation of small ball bearings, the inner ring support level with one hand, rotate the outer ring to confirm fluency. Separation of tapered roller bearings and other bearings, rolling element and the Raceway in the outer ring can be respectively checked. Larger bearings cannot rotate, check rolling element and the Raceway, cage, sidewall surface appearance, bearing the importance of ever higher, ever be inspected carefully.
1, first remove the wheel.
2, remove the bearing. FAG bearings after a long run very close, just dig it with a hexagonal wrench to push the down. Rest assured that the bearing is not easy!
3, first use the toothbrush to brush off dirt on the surface of the forest. FAG bearing side cover is detachable, while others are not, first determine whether you are Pui lam is detachable.
4, if it is detachable, using a precision screwdriver, along the gap in the c ring pick up and then take off the side cover.
5, if you are inseparable, relatively more trouble. Precision screwdrivers into the seam of the side cover, pry up side cover, if only down side was removed will be ruined on both sides!
6, with housings of all side side cover is removed, you can start washing. Ceramic bowl and pour the cleaning fluid, can drop a stir of FAG bearings.


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