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  • Select the desired bearing grease five points

    Speaking grease, grease is quite common , and its main role is to lubrication, sealing and protection . Bearings are important parts of mechanical parts , so be sure to pay attention to when using , such as the choice of grease must also pay attention to the following five priorities, to prevent unnecessary damage to the bearing .1 , rust resistanceUse grease in the bearings must have rust. And may form a film on the steel appearance. Rust inhibi [...]

  • Nsk bearing stamping knowledge introduction

    Nsk bearing stamping process basics :A process for forming the sheet material through a die to produce the finished part obtained by plastic deformation called stamping . Since stamping is usually carried out in the cold state , it is also known as cold pressing . Only when the plate thickness exceeds 8 ~ 100mm only when using hot stamping . The raw material is generally punching sheet or strip, it is also known as sheet metal stamping . Some non [...]

  • Brief description of machine tool spindle NSK bearing technology requirements

    On the machine tool bearings, NSK bearings are widely used, machine tool spindle NSK bearings have some technical requirements.Machine spindle NSK bearing technology requirements: on the machine tool bearings, NSK bearings are widely used. Spindle NSK bearings have some technical requirements.1, the speed and temperature rise: with the development of science and technology, machine tool spindle speed and higher, increasing speed range and, theref [...]

  • NSK Bearings vibration of factors

    1) NSK bearing design parameters: the number of rolling elements, including NSK Bearings, ferrule wall thickness and clearance and so on.2) NSK bearing parts manufacturing errors include: NSK bearing raceways and rolling elements surface roughness, roundness crossing pattern and degree of difference. Large number of experimental studies have shown that waviness of the bearing vibration dominates, while the surface roughness and roundness relative [...]

  • NSK bearing lubricant under high temperature environment of

    Even in extreme operating conditions, must be very clean environment, or extreme temperature conditions, effective lubrication equipment, will be very difficult and expensive.At very low temperatures, lubricating oil may fail and generate a lot of friction bearings. In the food, pharmaceutical and medical applications, and the requirements of the health concerns, restrict or prohibit the use of grease or oil, which is usually very expensive, the [...]

  • New method of NSK bearing heating Assembly

    NSK bearings replaced the two most common ways: one is the direct heating of the bearings used acetylene oxygen, and the other was smaller heating oil bearing, to thermal expansion, expansion of the bearing holes for Assembly. These are long-term maintenance of equipment has been widely, basic maintenance of the equipment, to meet and resolve problems in the bearing Assembly. However, both methods to ensure that bearing heating, heating temperatu [...]

  • How to operation check for NSK bearing

    NSK bearings after installation, check for the correct installation, operation should be checked. Small machinery can be rotated by hand to confirm rotate smoothly. Nick, causing dysfunction due to poor installation indent check project, install the torque produced by poor handling instability, clearance is too small, installation error, caused by excessive seal friction torque, and so on, and so on. If no power is not working properly, you can b [...]

  • NSK self-aligning ball bearing mounted

    Self-aligning ball bearing mounted in many ways, mainly based on the different types of bearings and bearing different conditions using specially designed. Before installing the bearings, bearing in strict accordance with the installation instructions to operate. Thorough understanding of the various types of self-aligning ball bearing installation method to extend the service life of bearings, NSK Bearings rotation to improve accuracy and stabil [...]

  • NSK double row angular contact ball bearings importance of life

    Life is a life of NSK Bearings actually achieved, it may be calculated basic rating life with a significant bias. He may calculate the basic rating life with a significant bias. Cause double row angular contact ball bearing wear and fatigue may be because:1) operating conditions deviate2) between the shaft and bearing concentricity error3) is too large or too small operating clearance4) Pollution5) lack of lubrication6) Operating temperature is t [...]

  • NSK Bearings LNSERTED Application Performance

    Generally, NSK bearing does not generate noise. Usually feel "bearing noise" is in fact LNSERTED bearing directly or indirectly with the surrounding structure of the sound vibration effects. This is why many noise problems can be considered when it comes to the whole bearing applications LNSERTED vibration problems. In many applications, with spherical bearing stiffness and rigidity of the structure around the same. Due to this feature, as long a [...]

  • NSK-way thrust ball bearing performance requirements

    On ball bearings or tapered roller bearings can take axial preload method, while the short cylindrical roller bearings can take radial preload method, can significantly improve the way thrust ball bearing rigidity, eliminating the time or NSK bearing clearance, or to get a little negative clearance. But speed is not too high, modest temperature conditions, should preferably not transferred to the negative clearance state.In preload, should contin [...]

  • High-speed rotation bearings note

    Bearing in high speed rotation, especially speed near or when you exceed the speed limit dimension table records, main should be aware of the following considerations:(1) use with precision bearings(2) analysis of bearing internal clearance (taking into account the bearing internal clearance reductions of temperature rise)(3) analysis of steel material type (for high speed rotation, suitable for cutting copper alloys or phenolic resin cages. Also [...]

  • Analysis on the characteristics of boundary lubrication NSK bearing series

    Boundary lubrication bearing surface of the plastic thickness 0.5mm, has high abrasion resistance, able to work in a little oil or gap oil cut-off conditions. It is suitable for working under normal temperature and low speed and heavy load places, to replace the traditional copper suit, which can cut the cost and prolongs the service life.Application characteristics:1, carrying good, good wear resistance.2, suitable for rotary motion, in high loa [...]

  • Importance of NSK bearings ever higher, ever be inspected carefully

    Use a variety of mechanical equipment for rolling bearings, bearing the required conditions of increasingly stringent market requirements of the equipment and other property, properties are becoming increasingly diversified. From a lot of structure, size, choose the most appropriate NSK bearings, needs a different perspective. Bearing selection, generally considered as a bearing, installation and dismantling difficult arrangement, size and the ho [...]

  • NSK bearing limit speed and friction coefficients.

    The running speed of the bearing is mainly affected by frictional heating the bearing temperature rise caused by the restrictions, when the speed exceeds a certain threshold, the bearing will burn and not continue to rotate. NSK bearing limit speed is not to produce friction heat burns and continuous rotation of the boundary values.Therefore, NSK bearings limit speed depends on the bearing type, size and accuracy and lubrication, the quality and [...]

  • Note material properties NSK tapered roller bearings

    The tapered roller bearing rolling bearing rings and rolling elements thermal solution process protect the bearing is less than 150 degrees, a solid sense of proportion. About the the higher tasks measure of demand the use of special thermal solution. NSK Bearings use in corrosive conditions, the demand for bearing steel engage in aggressive.The task function largely of rolling bearing on the origin of its information function. Tapered roller bea [...]

  • Several characteristics of the NSK ball bearing technology

    Production characteristics of rolling bearings, to determine its process has the following three characteristics:1. specializedNSK bearing part processing, extensive use of bearings and special equipment. Machining of steel ball grinding machine, polishing machine and other equipment. Characteristic of specialization is also reflected on the bearing parts production, specializing in the production of steel ball for ball Corporation, specializing [...]

  • NSK bearing of spindle of machine tool requirements

    On the machine tool bearings, NSK bearings are very broad. NSK bearing spindle technology requirements. The following analysis describes1. the speed and temperature riseWith the development of science and technology, machine tool spindle speed high speed increasing the scope, therefore, increasingly high demands on stability of bearing of high-speed operation. Machine tool spindle bearings are important factors for limit bearing speed of temperat [...]

  • NSK bearing life and simple analysis of power load

    NSK bearing that this basic load rating of the bearing is provided according to the standards, not free to adjust. Therefore before using the NSK bearings have to do to have a better understanding of those provisions, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble, so that is maximizing the application of bearings.Bearing improvements in many areas, including raw materials and production processes, and update the reference coefficients calculated according t [...]

  • NSK bearing its own fat may play a much larger role in the work

    NSK bearings found grease inside the bearing capacity is more than the actual work requirements, in the holding tray and the bearing cavity, gradually forming a silhouette, which due to the resistance of lubricating grease, cause bearing temperatures rising rapidly, thereby causing damage to the bearing service life.NSK bearing's early stages, most of the grease quickly (in less than a minute) crowding the Raceway, and piled up in the grease in t [...]

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