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  • How to measure the fag bearing inner and outer rings directly ?

    For measuring the diameter of the bearing inner and outer rings fag primarily utilized in small taper spindles simulate real universal tool microscope mounted on the process .Measuring fag bearing inner diameter: 4mm first instead of the standard fag bearing ring ( inner diameter of the available dry micrometer calibration ring ) mounted on the mandrel , with the left end of the inner sleeve and the top nut fastening the roof , measure the ring t [...]

  • Fag bearings erosion in three ways

    Fag bearings erosion will directly affect the life of the bearing , which has the following three ways:A cavitationBearing cavitation damage in the form of the surface in contact with the solid surface of the liquid and the resulting relative motion . When the lubricant film in the area of ​​low pressure , the oil will form a bubble , the bubble movement to the high pressure zone at a pressure of the bubble collapse , the collapse at [...]

  • The purpose and method of bearing lubrication

    Bearing lubrication purposes:Rolling bearing lubrication to reduce internal friction and wear, to prevent burning stick, its lubricating effect is as follows.⑴. Reduce friction and wear.Constituting the bearing rings, rolling elements, and each contact portion of the retainer to prevent the metal contacts, reducing friction and wear.⑵. Extend the fatigue life.Rolling bearing fatigue life, in the rotation, the rolling contact surfaces oiled, then [...]

  • The identification of the FAG bearing lubrication oil have good ideas

    As everyone knows the choice of lubricating oil quality can greatly increase the service life of FAG bearings , now on the market there is no lack of lubricating oil of some poor in seconds, in the notice to buy bearing lubricating oil must understand how to identify oil, in addition to the regular store to, the only way to ensure that you buy into lubricating oil quality.A, FAG bearing lubrication oil moisture inspection; 1, the oil in the test [...]

  • FAG ceramic bearings and steel bearing its advantage compared with

    Ceramic bearing steel bearing has the following advantages of magic:1, speed and acceleration of high - value in DN more than 3000000 operating conditions, and the sliding, wear and heat can reduce;The fatigue life of ceramic bearing 2, long service life, wear -- all-steel bearings is expected to more than 10 - 50 times, hybrid ceramic bearing, life is better than the life of bearing steel FAG with high 3-5 times;3, the coefficient of friction - [...]

  • Improve FAG Bearings maintenance measures

    Lateral bearing block, upper middle, and housing (roller) injected oil does not enter well bearing for rolling mill, and vulnerable, a rolling mill bearing working surface is in a poor state, leading to early failure of FAG bearings.To this end, the oil improves the bearing housings, housings inside (towards the barrel) Note additional ports to improve effect of grease, bearings are well lubricated, most mills now using grease lubrication. Due to [...]

  • FAG bearing installation problems adjustment measures

    Do not install directly hammering end face bearing and non-bearing surface, briquetting, sleeve or other installation tools FAG Bearings even by force, do not pass power installation through the rolling elements. If the mounting surface is coated with oil, will make the installation more smoothly. With interference, the bearing into the mineral oil heated to 80 ~ 90 ℃ as soon as possible after installation, and strictly control the oil temperatur [...]

  • Maintenance method for FAG bearings after disassembly

    Pillow block bearing maintenance and judgment: in order to determine whether removing bearings can be used, check bearing wash after. Check the Raceway surface, rolling, status of the mating surfaces, wear of the cage, FAG bearings clearance increases and has nothing to do with precision drop damage, unusual. Non-separation of small ball bearings, the inner ring support level with one hand, rotate the outer ring to confirm fluency. Separation of [...]

  • Identifying method of rolling FAG bearings

    ⑴ identification of radial ball bearings  Technical condition of normal radial ball bearings,, Raceway in the outer ring should be free of flaking and severe galling, and light to a circular Groove; all balls must be kept round, without spots, cracks and spalling on the surface; cage does not loose, not broken, not worn. Dang with a only handheld within ring, another a only hand quickly light push outer ring rotating Shi, requirements rotating sm [...]

  • Proper use of spherical roller bearing grease effect on speed

    Correct use of grease, you must know the grease grease in the bearing movements. Ensure stability of lubricating grease. Fill in a spherical roller bearing grease campaign as the FAG bearings rotates and generally can be divided into two phases.In the General case, the filling amount of grease in the bearings, always exceeds the amount of directly involved in the actual needs of lubrication, cavity on the frame and bearing cover, and on the edge [...]

  • FAG bearing installation and maintenance methods

    FAG bearing applications where low-speed heavy working conditions, difficulties or maintenance and add oil the moving parts. How reasonably the FAG bearings installed and maintained it, usually to note which elements? FAG bearings maintenance must be paid attention to in the process cleaning, lubrication and so on a series of problems. A type of bearings FAG bearings are also very common, below I'll show you in a related knowledge, we hope to hel [...]

  • For FAG bearing grinding technology

    1, the basic requirementsShould make the shaft and FAG bearings even close contact, but also have a certain clearance.2, contact angle is defined on the contact surface of the center shaft and FAG bearings angle.The contact angle is not too big nor too small. The contact angle is too small will cause the FAG bearing pressure increases, serious when can make the FAG bearing large deformation, accelerated wear, shorten the service life; the contact [...]

  • How to prolong the service life of FAG needle roller bearings

    Needle roller bearings are precision components, when in use requires a very cautious attitude, which is the use of bearing high performance, if used improperly, can't reach the expected performance results, and it is easy to make the FAG bearings damage. So, should pay attention to the following items using the needle roller bearing:1, keep the needle roller bearing and the surrounding environment cleanEven the naked eye cannot see smile dust in [...]

  • Factors affecting the life of FAG bearings itself checks

    Length of the service life of bearings, typically under the influence of material and technology both personal factors.Spherical plain bearing material is to a large extent determines the life span of FAG bearings, had the metallurgical quality of the bearing is the biggest cause of premature failure of rolling bearings. Material effect on the service life of the bearings, metallurgical technology to increase substantially after the materials hav [...]

  • Analysis of FAG bearing quality of common cause failures

    FAG bearings can remove the seal packing before delivery of the routine inspection, and will be washing gasoline immersed containing 3% oil or acid-free kerosene, rotate the outer ring and carefully washing holder, at the junction of the rolling elements and raceways, request any hidden parts of the original residual oil completely clean. Bearing should be attached in the Qing oil spray dry clean, put the table clean neutral lining in the lining [...]

  • FAG bearing rating life and dynamic load rating

    1, bearing life under certain loads, FAG bearings in the event before pitting or turn into hours of experience, known as the service life of the bearing.Because manufacturing precision, uniformity of the material differences, even if it is the same material, same bearings of the same size, used under the same conditions of work, their life expectancy is not the same. If the statistical life expectancy of 1 unit, the longest life expectancy of 4 u [...]

  • Tips for removing vibrating FAG bearings

      Improper removal of vibrating FAG bearings, FAG bearings caused internal damage. Contaminants may enter the FAG bearings or errors that may occur when you install again. Therefore, removing Shaker bearing must be very careful, the axis must have appropriate support, otherwise the removal power may hurt FAG bearings.  1, peripheral removal  Removal of interference fit outer ring, advance on the circumference of the shell sets several extrusion s [...]

  • FAG bearing operation load card injury caused in the course of processing

    So-called card injury due to FAG bearings on sliding surface injuries arising out of some minor burns from the total surface damage. Slide face, rolling circumference of linear scar. Roller end faces of Cycloid-shaped scars near the axis of the roller end faces injured by a Tori card.Bearing injury occurs because:Excessive loading, preloading. Poor lubrication. Foreign body of biting. Tilt, axial deflection of the outer ring of the inner ring. Ax [...]

  • FAG bearing grease and grease drain problem

    For sealing FAG bearings, production has to fill in the appropriate oil, open bearing set the seal on the host, to prevent grease leakage. It has become a question of bearing grease. Too little attention to the fat content, can easily lead to lack of fat or dry friction affect life expectancy. Oil can cause excessive bearing temperature rise. Grease large quantities, not only pollute the environment, and waste. Therefore, entering the FAG bearing [...]

  • FAG bearings repairing technical requirement

    This requires repair is well understood by FAG bearing the appropriate technical requirements, and FAG bearings and parts thereof on the structure, process and material characteristics, it will be difficult to guarantee the effect of FAG bearings to fix a meet the requirements.  Statistics of FAG bearing repair  In General, the FAG bearing varieties of small volume, high price for a single FAG bearings, or FAG bearing structure is simple. A large [...]

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