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  • Analysis of performance characteristics of FAG bearings

    Factors influencing the FAG bearing friction parameters there are many, so we designed to take into account a number of factors. Speed, effect of viscosity and load is very obvious.When you speed below the critical speed, in the case of the same speed as the pressure increases the friction coefficient increases; when you speed after the critical speed, under the same speed as the pressure increases the friction factor is gradually reduced.Under t [...]

  • How to keep the FAG bearings the speed limit on longevity

    When bearings are mounted to the rotor dynamic balance easily will enter the bearing dynamic balancing produced when iron filings, it is best that you did before with FAG bearing dynamic balancing. A number of manufacturers for ease of Assembly, Assembly Interior coated with oil or grease in the bearing when lubricating effect, but often operators is difficult to control, if the oil or grease in the bearing room accumulates more along the shaft i [...]

  • Grease the importance of strengthening the fag needle roller one-way bearing surface

    The solid phase change, quenching process referred to as surface heat treatment on the part of the surface layer by a rapid heating method, commonly known as the surface hardening. Including flame Frequency Induction Hardening Hardening high (middle), laser heating or electron beam heating quenching. The characteristics of these methods: local Hardening of the surface deformation of the workpiece; heating speed, high production efficiency; heatin [...]

  • The bearing vibration damage four reasons and necessary maintenance measures

    fag bearing vibration generation in general, the rolling bearing itself does not produce noise. Usually feel "bearing noise" is in fact bearing directly or indirectly with the surrounding structures generate sound effects of vibration. This is why many noise problems can be regarded as related to the application of the entire bearing vibration problem.(1) excitation loaded rolling element number of changes: When a radial load is loaded in a fag b [...]

  • FAG cross roller bearings Scope

    FAG cross-roller bearings can withstand the load from all directions (such as axial thrust or momentum load, etc.). FAG roller contact rail surface into Situation Therefore, bearing by the load while the elastic deformation is unlikely.FAG Bearings of this type is widely used as industrial automation, robotics, machine tool and medical facilities, FAG require high rigidity, close and able to ensure high-speed, accurate occasions cross roller bea [...]

  • Rolling FAG bearing structure

    1 rolling FAG Bearings FAG bearing raceway of the outer ring of the of its FAG bearing inner ring and FAG bearings, its the FAG bearing ball and FAG rolling element bearing roller FAG bearing cage, cage rolling body to maintain a certain interval, and fixed in the correct position, the rolling motion. FAG bearings namely FAG bearing inner ring and FAG bearing outer ring raceway or FAG bearing raceway. FAG rolling bearing contact surface called "F [...]

  • Principle of self-lubrication FAG Bearings

    FAG Bearings before the machinery industry with most of the ball, needle like, only a small portion of the self-lubricating FAG bearings, I believe that in the near future from no lubrication FAG bearings will be adaptable, wear-resistant, economic arguable advantage and become the the FAG bearing industry leading products. The following is a part of the self-lubricating FAG bearing characteristics and advantages: No oil lubrication FAG Bearings [...]

  • How to choose the types and kinds of FAG Bearings

    First, the size restrictions.Usually FAG bearing installation space is restricted. In most cases, the shaft diameter (or FAG bearing diameter) is based on the mechanical design or other design restrictions. FAG bearing type and size selection is determined according to the inner diameter of FAG Bearings. As a result, the main dimensions of the standard FAG Bearings table prepared in accordance with the international standard bore size.The size of [...]

  • FAG Bearings selection skills of low-noise

    Rolling with low noise requirements: in our production of standard bearings, of part single row radial ball bearings and short cylindrical roller bearings powered machine bearings, low noise varieties. Which ball bearings from the inside diameter of 蠁2.5mm through 蠁60mm several varieties with Zl, Z2 and Z3 three suffix, respectively, corresponding to the three different low noise requirements, N309-type roller bearings from a total of eight model [...]

  • How to choose FAG Bearings, and with the requirements

    The bearing selection models: bearing type is generally technical personnel by the user according to the conditions of use of complementary products and loads of FAG Bearings select. Business people understand the user's actual load bearing consistent with the selected bearings reach requirements should advise clients to re-election model, but unless special products in select models generally do not have any problems.2, the choice of the bearing [...]

  • The FAG Bearings cross roller bearings use

    FAG cross roller bearings, roller inner wheel and the outer ring, the interval to intersect with each other arranged in a rectangular manner. They can withstand the load from all directions (such as axial thrust or momentum load). Contact roller track surface into the status quo, therefore, FAG bearings by load and elastic deformation unlikely this type FAG bearings is widely used in industrial automation robots, machine tool and medical faciliti [...]

  • FAG imports the bearing inner ring fixed

    1.FAG bearing solid shaft shoulder Bearing inner ring sustenance shaft shoulder, and the interference to achieve axial firm. Practical at both ends of the solid support layout. The layout briefly, the small overall dimensions. 2.FAG bearing circlip securely Bearing inner ring axial firmly by the shaft shoulder and locknut. May suffer little two-way axial load. The small size of the axial layout. 3.FAG bearing locking nut firmly FAG bearing inner [...]

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