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  • Why would ina bearing fatigue failure?

    Reason 1: Overall eccentric bearing accuracy is low; Solution: use specified levels of precision bearings. Reason 2: The spindle is bent or cabinet hole misalignment; Solution: Fix the spindle or box. Reason 3: belt too tight; Solution: Adjust the belt so that the proper tightness. Reason 4: poor lubrication; Solution: grades of lubricating material selection requirements and properly cleaned. Reason 5: Low-assembly quality; Solution: improve as [...]

  • Four Ina Bearing Fault

    About ina bearing common faults are the following four:1 , the preparatory work prior to installation of the bearing must be fully prepared to use professional supporting bearing installation tool , and make sure they are clean installation tools , rusty tools can not be used , to avoid falling dust during installation. Once the dust falls on the bearing raceways or rolling body , ina bearings after a long operation will increase the bearing wear [...]

  • Bearing clearance flexibility with rotation detection

    The so-called bearing clearance, referring to the bearing shaft or the bearing is not installed in the box when one of the inner or outer ring fixed, and then they are not fixed and either the radial or axial movement amount of movement. According to the direction of movement can be divided into radial clearance and axial clearance. When operating with a clearance (clearance work called) the size of the rolling bearing fatigue life, temperature, [...]

  • INA bearing the scroll track and distinguish of grease analysis

    A, INA bearing the scroll track  INA bearings a turned, and within ring and outer ring of roll road surface, causes Shang actually is simple, because and scroll body is scroll contact, so run track for dark surface, run track attached in roll road surface Shang not belonging to exception, this variable can learned that load conditions, so we in split Xia INA bearing of situation Xia, please strictly note and observation roll road surface of run t [...]

  • INA bearing new applications and basic performance requirements

    SF-2 plus community lubrication bearing: acid poly methyl enjoy aldehyde, has is high of wear performance, INA bearings surface has arrangement law of with oil pit Assembly Shi must James full lubrication grease, special applies Yu high contains speed Xia of rotating movement, swing movement and often in contains negative Xia, hoist and easily formed fluid lubrication of parts, in border lubrication conditions Xia, can long-term using and without [...]

  • Research INA Bearing mechanical injuries related to the anti-card performance

    Under normal circumstances, such as the INA bearing surface appears mechanical injuries, INA bearings to be scrapped, or overall grinding scars rubbed off, may be used. But in this case the double row spherical roller bearings price is expensive, while taking the bearings used only for slow swinging motion, the working surface of the INA bearings mainly take radial static load, so take the local grinding with small grinding wheel, Whetstone polis [...]

  • Of grease stability INA bearings running role

    Very important the bearing grease security move bearing, grease ordinary recommend a larger selection of consistency, rather than the smaller the consistency of grease. In contrast with this, in order to reduce the troubled times of revolutions of the bearing, especially start turn troubled times Normal speed is not too high INA bearings touches way can be used preferably low viscosity grease.The outcome of the plastic viscosity of the grease is [...]

  • INA bearing design procedures are described

    From the design process, according to INA knowledge of bearings and bearing the original theorem, INA bearings design process is generally divided into the following steps:(1) enter the model and sizeDetermine the INA bearing type and size, according to the user's manual models, dimensions can be found in the national standard of mechanical design, such as diameter, inside diameter, high amplitude, the radial clearance axial minimum chamfer,(2) t [...]

  • What are the basic forms of INA bearing failure

      1. adhesive and abrasive wear  The INA bearings surface is one of the most common failure mode. Bearing sliding friction between getting the surface of metal loss known as sliding friction losses. Continued wear will make the part size and shape changes in bearing clearance increases work surface deterioration, thus losing running accuracy, bearing is not working properly. Sliding wear forms can be divided into abrasive wear abrasion, adhesion, [...]

  • INA motor bearing abnormal sound analysis and solution

    1, the retainer sound Hey Lee Hey Lee Cause Analysis:More prone to keep rolling body vibration, shock generated, regardless of the type of grease may have to withstand the torque load or radial clearanceSolution:A, to improve the accuracy of the retainerSelection of clearance is small INA bearings or bearing preloadC, reducing the torque load, reduce installation errorsD, a good selection of oils and fats2, continuous beep buzzAnalysis:Motor load [...]

  • INA precision bearing assembly points

    With the rapid development of numerical control technology, composite, high-speed, intelligent, precision, environmental protection has become the main trend of today's machine tool industry technology development. Wherein the high-speed machining can effectively improve the machining efficiency and to shorten the processing cycle of the workpiece, which requires the machine tool spindle and its associated components to adapt to the requirements [...]

  • How to check the INA bearing running condition

    How to check the working condition of INA bearings in operation, we're from the vibration of the bearing, scrolling, and temperature of the three talk about:First, check the INA bearing vibration at workIndentation cracks, wear, corrosion, spalling, are reflected in the INA bearing vibration measurement, bearing vibration of bearing damage is very sensitive, so by using a special bearing vibration Measurer (frequency Analyzer, etc) measures the s [...]

  • INA bearing four common possible causes of damage

    A, improper installation  1, the installation using brute force, tapping INA bearing directly on the bearing with a hammer hurt the largest is a major cause deformation.  2, the installation is not in place, install a biased or not loaded to INA bearings, resulting in bearing clearance is too small. Inner and outer rings are not in the same center of rotation, resulting in different hearts.  Recommendation: choose the proper bearing installation [...]

  • Teaches you how to choose eight standard INA bearing

    (1) size limitBearing installation space is usually limited. In most cases, the shaft diameter (or bearing diameter) is based on the mechanical design or other design constraints. INA bearing type and size selection is decided in accordance with the inner diameter of the bearing. Thus, main dimensions standard tables are prepared in accordance with international standards for dimension of inner diameter. Standard bearing dimensions and range in m [...]

  • INA bearings abnormal temperature increase was mainly attributable

    General, INA bearings will heat up in the beginning of the operation and, after a period of time, i.e. at a lower temperature (usually higher than room temperature 10 to 40 degrees) in the normal state. To the normal time, according to the bearing size, form, rotation speed, lubrication method, INA bearings around the exothermic conditions change, takes roughly 20 minutes to several hours.Bearing temperature does not reach the normal and abnormal [...]

  • Of INA bearings raw characteristics of the role of experimental analysis

    The same material INA Bearings first vibration under different conditions using the same material rubber bearings under different conditions were measured, and the vibration of the measuring point and the points vibration signal 03200Hz acceleration level In order to judge the size parameters of vibration intensity. The horizontal vibration of the rubber bearing specimen at significantly less than the vibration of the vertical direction and the o [...]

  • Take the outer ring crankshaft front INA Bearing Causes and Fixes

    Engine crankshaft front bearing outer ring of the work of the Central Standing Committee to rotate in the bearing bore, also known as the bearing away the outer ring. Take the outer ring causes the bearing bore fast grinding large increase around the crankshaft bearing bore misalignment can cause the crankshaft broken and cylinder cracks. INA Bearing ball tight card seat ring squeeze bad ball protection operation or cause the ball flaking, declin [...]

  • What are the main factors that affect the INA bearing vibration

    The steel, which is determined by the design parameters of INA bearings structure, flexibility, quality, vibration damping vibration system composed of the operating conditions will produce and mechanical adaptation. Vibration caused by the deviation of manufacturing, the smaller the difference, the smaller the vibration. Steel ball surface roundness, roughness, surface roughness is the most influential factor on the vibration of bearing parts, t [...]

  • Install the INA needle roller bearing note

    Bearing clearance is in the case of one ring fixed, another along the radial or axial rings made by the maximum amount of flow, clearance is divided into radial clearance and axial clearance in two ways. Move needle bearing Assembly, clearance must not be too large or too small. Clearance is too large, causing at the same time the move of the reduction in the number of loading and increased the load of a single move, thereby reducing the INA bear [...]

  • INA bearing compressive strength to use performance analysis

    INA bearings grinding, grinding wheel and the workpiece contact zone, can consume a large amount of, produce a lot of grinding heat, causing local instantaneous temperature of the grinding area. Using the theory of linear motion-heat-source heat transfer formula, calculation or the application of IR method under experimental conditions and method of thermocouple measuring instantaneous temperature, instantaneous temperature can be found in 0.1~0. [...]

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