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  • Measuring bearing radial clearance attention to five points

    1, as far as possible using special instruments to measure law; 2, using the method of measurement requirements push higher surveyor measuring skills. When this method is the measurement error is large, especially in clearance at the edge of the state, prone to error, this time, the instrument should measure shall prevail; 3, feeler, standard provisions should operate, must not use the previous method to measure roller feeler from the roll; 4, t [...]

  • Four methods to eliminate bearing failure

    1, replace the bearings, new bearings should be carefully checked, while the shaft and rotor bearing bore and careful examination; 2, the assembly and disassembly of the bearing, the strict implementation of the maintenance process, careful operation, avoid bearing damage due to improper assembly and disassembly; 3, fuel oil changes on time, to ensure the bearing condition is always in good condition; 4, the operation carefully checked and found [...]

  • lindrical roller bearing inner ring flange installation

    1, cleaning of cylindrical roller bearings and related partsHave grease lubrication of cylindrical roller bearings and double-sided with seals or shields, sealed ring of cylindrical roller bearing without cleaning before installation.2, installation methodCylindrical roller bearings with cylindrical roller bearings should be installed in accordance with the structure, size and nature of cylindrical roller bearing parts fit, pressure should be dir [...]

  • Major impact on the life of the bearing installation aspects

    Decision bearing length of life of many factors, but can be broadly divided into two types , one is internal ( bearing its own factor ) , the other is external TIMKEN bearings .Bearing factors are mainly including structural design , quality manufacturing processes and materials , such as three factors .Manufacture of bearings generally through forging , heat treatment, turning, grinding and assembly of multi- channel processing . However, the re [...]

  • Double row angular contact ball bearing friction noise the basic problems of the material

    SKF bearings inner ring and the shaft is a tight fit , the outer ring and housing for the more loose fit , can be pressed press the bearings mounted in double row angular contact ball bearings , and then loaded with the shaft with the bearing housing , the pressure FAG bearings when installed in the end face of a soft metal pad assembly sleeve ( copper or soft steel ) . Assembly casing diameter should be slightly larger than the journal diameter [...]

  • Bearing assembly process concepts and terminology

    1 contact angle axis line perpendicular to the bearing plane ( radial plane ) and the bearing ring or gasket through the rolling elements of the force transmission to the line of action ( action line nominal ) angle between .2 balls group ( OD ) within a ball bearing inner ( outer ) diameter of the cylinder connection .3 roller group ( outside ) diameter radial contact roller bearings inside a roller inside ( outside ) then the cylinder diameter. [...]

  • Bearing running track and a method applied load

    Bearing a rotating inner ring and outer ring raceway, the rolling contact with the rolling body is thus running track for the dark side , running track attached to the roller surface does not belong to an exception , which can be very variable load conditions , so remove the bearing case, strict attention and observation raceway running track. If you look at the trajectory , then this will only burden that radial load to bear large axial load, mo [...]

  • Distinguish between true and false bearings simple way

    1 First Look Bearing outer box, the general packaging of white, blue, red bar under. But over the past two years, there are flower boxes, pattern into a number of trademarks.2 Look at the bearing production date, if the bearing from the side to open the box, box has a production date and date code.3.2000 years after the production of bearings, bearings have a bar code on the packaging.4 Look bearing type, bearing type suffix letters A, B, C, D, E [...]

  • Thrust ball bearing performance requirements

    On ball bearings or tapered roller bearings can take axial preload method, while the short cylindrical roller bearings can take radial preload method, can significantly improve the way thrust ball bearing shaft bearing rigidity, eliminating the time or thrust ball bearing clearance, or to get a little negative clearance. But speed is not too high, modest temperature conditions, should preferably not transferred to the negative clearance state.In [...]

  • Needle roller bearings overheat Precautions

    Needle roller bearings parts from rough mouth after quenching can be observed on the microstructure overheating.But to correctly determine the extent of overheating must observe the microstructure. If the steel is quenched gcr15 appear coarse acicular martensite, was quenched overheating tissue. Formation may be due to the quenching temperature heating temperature is too high or too long causing the overall overheating; also may be due to the ori [...]

  • Burning causes vibration vibratory roller bearings

    (1) bearing bore concentricity or eccentric shaft journal runout toleranceAs can be seen from Figure 1, within the wheel of the vibration exciter eccentric shaft, the work speed in forward and reverse rotation of the eccentric shaft means and the amplitude will have a significant effect of the centrifugal force, the centrifugal force through the bearings at both ends to support and delivery, so both ends of the vibrating wheel bearing bore concen [...]

  • KOYO bearing heat treatment technology

    The heat treatment quality will directly affect the machining quality of the follow-up that ultimately affect the performance and life of parts, and the heat treatment is consumption and pollution large large machinery industry energy. In recent years, with the progress of science and technology and its application in thermal processing, heat treatment technology is mainly reflected in the following aspects:(1) clean heat treating wastewater, was [...]

  • The bearing work wear approach

    The size of the clearance work will directly affect their work performance and service life, the work clearance by centrifugal force, the creators of information and users in accordance with the system of radial gap to manufacture and selection of angular contact ball bearings. Clearance bearing is not when the operation state of the out-of-work clearance. Appropriate clearance will help progress closed system research, there is no contact relati [...]

  • Overhaul maintenance attention to four points of deep groove ball bearings

    Good condition, for as long as possible to maintain a State of deep groove ball bearings, the need for a maintenance overhaul in order to prevent accidents, it is imperative to ensure operational reliability, improved production, economy.Maintains the best machinery operating conditions operational standards, carried out on a regular basis. Includes monitoring, regular running conditions, supplementing or replacing lubricant remove the check.1 to [...]

  • Water pump bearings axial clearance adjustment should be noted

    Bearing life is relationships with care and maintenance is very important, as it relates to water pump bearings the length, high and low productivity. Maintenance of good used bearing, will bring a lot of benefits, for example, can result in high productivity, produce more high quality precision products, maintenance can extend the life of your save time purchasing costs.1 adjust the shim method:In bearing end cover and bearing block end surface [...]

  • In operation of electric spindle bearing lubrication maintenance periodically maintenance

    Remove bearing cleaning, washing can be divided into coarse and fine-washed, first bearing removed in separate containers place the metal mesh on the bottom so that bearing has no contact with the dirt container. Rough when washing, if you rotate the bearing with dirt, can damage the rolling surfaces of the spindle bearing and should be protected. In the crude oil washing, use the brush to clear away grease, adhesive material, after a generally c [...]

  • Maintenance method of Turbo bearing fault analysis

    There is a fault in the operation of the bearing is often the case, so don't make a fuss. There is fault, judgement and treatment is the key.1. the bearing temperature is too highAgency operation, install the Turbo bearings parts allows a certain degree of temperature when touching body shell with your hands, does not feel hot should be the normal, instead it indicates that the temperature is too high.Causes of bearing temperature is too high: lu [...]

  • Industry of ceramic material used in KOYO bearings

      As social progress and science and technology of high-speed development, KOYO bearings of using environment and conditions increasingly diversification, on bearing of structure, and material and performance of requirements also increasingly high, some hi-tech area and some special environment Xia work of machinery, as aviation space, and nuclear energy, and metallurgical, and chemical, and oil, and instrument, and machinery, and electronic, and [...]

  • KOYO crankshaft bearings matching method

      Engine overhaul, bearings must be replaced (Watts). KOYO bearings replaced, including matching and processing bearings in two phases.  Inspection and bearing, crankshaft bearing block hole of a match  1, before the selection of the bearing, you should first check that the housing bore is standards-compliant. Clean the housing and the cover, crankshaft and crankcase. Check that the bearing cap end face is flat, its flatness and maximum depth hol [...]

  • Installation of high-speed precision KOYO bearings

    High-speed precision KOYO bearings, mainly used for a lighter load high-speed rotation occasions, requiring precision bearings, high speed, low vibration and low temperature rise and a certain life. Often the support of high-speed spindle installed in pairs, the inner surface grinder spindle speed key component parts. Main technical indicators: Bearing accuracy indicators: more than GB/307.1-94 P4 level accuracy 2 high-speed performance: the DMN [...]

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