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Use the key steps timken bearings

      1 , shaft and bearing tolerances selection and control of the bearing pressed into the bearing block should be flexible rotation without sense . If significant rotation is not flexible , it indicates the size of the shaft is too great, the tolerance to be reduced. If bearings pressed into the shaft turned by hand after a significant "imperfections " sense , it may be too much tolerance of the shaft or shaft roundness bad . So when good control shaft and bearing tolerances have good control of roundness .

      2 , assembly methods timken bearing timken bearings are precision because imported products, such as improper assembly is likely to cause damage to the bearing channel , leading to bearing damage. Bearing in the assembly should have a dedicated mold and can not beat when pressed into the shaft force only a small circle , the circle of force only when the pressure of the big circle. When using pneumatic or hydraulic assembly requirements , touched down at the press-fit to be outside at state level, if inclined bearing channel will cause damage due to power , leaving the bearing guide ring .

      3 , the bearing assembly to prevent foreign objects attached to the rotor balancing to do when it is easy to iron produced when balancing imports entering the bearing , so it is best to do before loading bearing balancing . There are some manufacturers in order to facilitate assembly , the assembly in the bearing chamber coated with some oil or grease lubrication effect , but often it is difficult for the operator to control the amount of good , if oil or grease in the bearing chamber accumulates more in the bearing rotation is easily into the interior along the axis of the bearing . Bearing preferably not coated with oil or grease, such as non- coated bearings shall not be have to control indoor accumulates .

      4 , features rust prevention paint rust paint is prone in sealed-type motor, the motor sounds good in the assembly , but in the warehouse for some time, bearings appear different sound becomes large , while the motor is also accompanied by the emergence of a great situation becomes abnormal sound , remove the bearing severe rusting . Many manufacturers will be considered a bearing problem , and now the motor plant has been realized mainly insulating paint problem , the problem is mainly due to the insulating paint out of the volatile acids at a certain temperature , humidity formation of corrosive substances , the bearing after the channel leading to corrosion of bearing damage . The problem can only be a good choice of insulating paint , and after a period of time after the ventilation drying assembly. Bearing life and manufacturing, assembly, use all closely related, must all make every link , and only in the use of imported bearings note of these considerations , in order to make the bearing in the best operating condition , thus extending bearing life . In order to ensure that the bearing has been running in good condition , regular maintenance and repair is necessary, so as to achieve accident prevention and first place , and improving production efficiency and cost savings.

      Protect the normal operation of timken bearings , also confirmed the normal use of the host, so that the efficiency will be greatly improved, the work is the core of bearing host , remember these four key , in order to avoid bearing failure.

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