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Bearing industry via the Internet opens up a new path of development

  In recent years, bearing production scale expanding rapidly in China, bearing the number is close to 2000, nearly half of them belong to large enterprises, the sales revenue of over 5 million. 2014, the slow development of domestic metal bearings for industrial manufacturing, technology and equipment level of bearings is low, many bearing large enterprises still use traditional equipment as regular, technical product development roller bearings have a lot of obstacles.
  China bearing industry as a whole is not fast, but with the development of market, users of bearings of precision, performance, types, and with increasing, it evolved into a significant increase in market demand for upscale housing. In order to meet this demand, bearing industry should vigorously improve the level and quality of bearing products.
  Industry has a lot of bearing technology there are many problems related to the product failed to break. As the current level of bearing products and want to improve the quality, but also pay attention to improvement of steel quality, lubrication, cleaning, abrasive and related technology research and development, but the current relationship between these technologies did not meet the requirements.
  As one of our focus on the development of basic industries, bearing industry development not fast, but it already has a large production capacity. Bearing industry strongly supports the development of national policy, in such a situation, bearing economies of scale in promotion. In today's information age, bearing industry wants to develop further will inevitably enter the Internet commerce market.
  Enter the Internet e-commerce, also opened up a new market space for bearing industry, effectively alleviate the bearing industry overcapacity. And with the development of Internet commerce, more market channels were opened out, because traditional patterns of Internet commerce has been increasingly saturated, or the emerging mobile Internet market will become the bearing industry development in new directions.


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