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National precision bearing "Twelve-Five" focus on the development of industry

  Bearings are fixed in mechanical transmission process and decrease the load coefficient of friction parts. When other parts on the shaft which move relative to each other to reduce the friction coefficient in the power transfer process and maintain a fixed axis center position of the parts. Bearings are a very important part in contemporary mechanical equipment. Whose main function is to support the mechanical rotating body to reduce equipment mechanical loading coefficient of friction in the transmission process.
  China is one of the earlier invention in the world rolling bearing on axle bearings constructed as early as recorded in ancient books. Bearing is important for all types of machinery and equipment replacement parts for the precision, performance, service life and reliability, precision, performance, service life and reliability of the host plays a decisive role. In bearing products that are high-precision mechanical products need not only integrated support theory of mathematics, physics and many other subjects but also material science and heat treatment technology, precision machining and measurement technologies, CNC techniques and efficient numerical methods and powerful so many disciplines, such as computer technology serving bearing a representative national strength in science and technology products. Strong bearing manufacturing industry development in our country good for bearing steel market to bring about positive effects. A high-end bearing demand sharply growth as aviation aerospace bearing, and machine spindle with high-speed precision bearing, and ball screw supports with precision corner contact ball bearing, and high-speed electric spindle bearing, and PV industry machine with precision bearing, and go Taiwan bearing, and wind electric bearing, and shield frame machine with joints bearing, and mill bearing, and high-speed rail bearing, and car bearing, and crane with pulley bearing, and Turbo Booster players bearing, and liquid moving pressure bearing,.
  After more than 50 years of construction and development of China bearing industry has achieved little to very weak to a strong development strategy of forming a rational production layout, coexistence of large enterprises, fairly comprehensive product comparison of the complete system. But with a large production capacity and strong technical strength.
  China bearing industry already has economies of scale of larger national bearing enterprises in China has more than 1400 companies estimated more than 300,000 people. 2011 China bearing industry annual industrial output value of 193.211 billion yuan up 27.59% sales revenue to 191.097 billion rose 30.3%; total profit 12.523 billion an increase of 26.54%. Current basic machinery such as precision bearings foundry industry has become a national "Twelve-Five" period, focus on the development of industry and strive to meet or approach the international advanced level. Is expected to be supported by policy, 2015 top bearing foundry industry sales reach 222 billion yuan. Bearing production in China is expected to total more than 22 billion sale is expected to be more than 350 billion dollars as the world's largest bearing manufacturing and sales base. Late bearing steel market of it is vastitude.


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