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A total investment of 100 million dollars Taiwan machine tool and precision electronics projects fall in Huaian

銆Yesterday afternoon, the Taiwan Jiande industry group, Taiwan gold precision industry Co Ltd signed investment agreements with Huaian industrial park, with a total investment of 100 million dollars in production of machine tools and precision electronics projects settled in Huaian. Party Secretary Yao Xiaodong met with Taiwan business development seminar, President of the Southern Association, the Kent Industrial Corporation Chairman Li Jinpei and Taiwan Jin Li Lu Guodong, Chairman of precision industry Co Ltd. City leaders Chen Tao, Tang Daolun attended the meeting.Yao Xiaodong warm welcome to Li Jinpei and his party, Li Jinpei served as Taiwan industry and commerce development seminar warmly congratulate the President of the Friendship Association in the Southern District. He said, Huaian are building "4+2" modern industrial system, the success of machine tool manufacturing and precision electronics projects settled in, to promote modern industry development of Huaian adds new strength. We will treat Taiwan recognized by friends to Huai ' an investment environment, into all levels of government-enterprise business better services to Taiwan. This year, the municipal government dedicated to accelerating Taiwan gathering Highland building new views, focus on the implementation of communication platform for Taiwan-funded projects multiplied, expanded, 101% service upgrade "three plan." Floor hope projects, rapid and healthy development of the enterprise; we hope that through our efforts, Huaian truly become a hot spot for Taiwan investment, the homes, the success of the platform.
"Stepping into the Huai, I feel at home. "Third to Huai Li Jinpei said that Taiwan Jiande industry group was founded in 1966, mainly the production of precision surface grinder, circular grinding machine, CNC grinder, super high speed grinder, CNC machine tool products, surface grinders sales ranked first in the world. Hope the success of machine tool manufacturing and precision electronics projects settled in, can attract more industry-related enterprises in the huaihe River development. Li Jinpei said, will continue to strengthen friendly cooperation with Huaian, win-win future.
It is reported that Taiwan machine tools production and the introduction of sophisticated electronic projects will not only improve the level of equipment manufacturing industry in Huaian and electronic information industry, and will strengthen the Huaian and Taiwan build its full cooperation. Taiwan gold precision industry Co Ltd was founded in 1969, by Japan's Suzuki in precision machining Corporation and Taiwan machine tool maker Kent company co-founded with mold design, fabrication, stamping and other consistent precision manufacturing processes.
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