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Key technology of machine tool castings quality

At present most of machine tool castings of gray cast iron, castings of gray cast iron quality, from the chemical composition, the quality of raw materials, ingredients, alloying, melting temperature, inoculation until the thermal environment control.
1, melting process
1) carbon equivalent. Should not have high carbon equivalent, HT250, 3. 95 is good; HT300 to 3. 82 is good; HT350 to 3. 76 as well.
2) silicon-carbon ratio. Recommend SI-c than at 0. 55-0. 62.
3) alloy control. The addition of alloying elements conducive to improved casting performance, w (Cu) 0. 4-0. 6% or w (Cr) 0. 2-0. 4%.
2, batching
Iron content is lower than 10%, at the same time with high scrap, high carburizing technology, graphite, good quality.
3, temperature of molten iron
High temperature of molten iron forging graphite, is the basis of high carbon equivalent and high strength gray iron. Molten iron temperature 1500-1550 ℃, the oxidation of molten iron will reduce SiO2 ash significantly lower.
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