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>KOYO 7322B

                  KOYO 7322B Angular Contact Ball Bearing

I.   KOYO bearings produced tens of thousands of species of high-precision, high-quality products bearing , providing the aerospace science and technology, computer components, motors, high-speed trains, rapid transit trains, industrial machinery.


II. Let us check the main data of  KOYO 7322B Angular Contact Ball Bearing:

Brand : KOYO

Original : Japan

Type : Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Item: 7322B

Inner : 110 mm

Outner : 240 mm

Thickness : 50 mm

Weight : 10.10 kg


III. We also have some similar Angular Contact Ball Bearing:

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IV. Our Merits of  KOYO 7322B Angular Contact Ball Bearing:
1.Good Quality         2.Reasonable Price  
3. Timely Delivery     4. Exquisite Packaging


V. Contact information :

Email : sales03@barton-bearings.com
Skype : nancy.zhu70

If you have any need, just send us your inquiry.

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