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>NSK N1016

                 NSK N1016 Cylindrical Roller Bearing

I.   The friction coefficient of Cylindrical Roller Bearing is small, suitable for high speed, the limit speed close to the deep groove ball bearings .Cylindrical Roller Bearing is widely used in Large and medium-sized motor, locomotives, spindle, internal combustion engines, generators, gas turbines, reducer, rolling mill, vibrating screen and lifting transportation machinery, etc.  


II. Let us check the main data of NSK N1016 Cylindrical Roller Bearing:

Brand : NSK

Original : Japan

Type :  Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Item:  N1016

Inner : 80 mm

Outner :  125 mm

Thickness : 22 mm

Weight : 0.969 kg



III. We also have some similar Cylindrical Roller Bearing:

Item d mm D mm T mm
N421 105mm 260mm 60mm
N1021 105mm 160mm 26mm
N420 100mm 250mm 58mm
N1019 95mm 145mm 24mm
N418 90mm 225mm 54mm
N1018 90mm 140mm 24mm
N417 85mm 210mm 52mm
N1017 85mm 130mm 22mm
N416 80mm 200mm 48mm
N1016 80mm 125mm 22mm
N415 75mm 190mm 45mm
N1015 75mm 115mm 20mm
N414 70mm 180mm 42mm
N1014 70mm 110mm 20mm
N413 65mm 160mm 37mm
N1013 65mm 100mm 18mm
N412 60mm 150mm 35mm
N1012 60mm 95mm 18mm
N411 55mm 140mm 33mm
N1011 55mm 90mm 18mm
N410 50mm 130mm 31mm
N1010 50mm 80mm 16mm
N409 45mm 120mm 29mm
N1009 45mm 75mm 16mm
N408 40mm 110mm 27mm
N1008 40mm 68mm 15mm
N407 35mm 100mm 25mm
N1007 35mm 62mm 14mm
N406 30mm 90mm 23mm
N1006 30mm 55mm 13mm
N405 25mm 80mm 21mm
N264 320mm 580mm 92mm
N256 280mm 500mm 80mm
N252 260mm 480mm 80mm
N226 130mm 230mm 40mm
N222 110mm 200mm 38mm
N321 105mm 225mm 49mm
N320 100mm 215mm 47mm
N319 95mm 200mm 45mm
N209 45mm 85mm 19mm




IV. Our Merits of  NSK N1016 Cylindrical Roller Bearing:
1.Good Quality         2.Reasonable Price  
3. Timely Delivery     4. Exquisite Packaging



V. Contact information :

Email : sales03@barton-bearings.com
Skype : nancy.zhu70

Any inquiry welcome here and best price will be offered.
If you have any need, please contact with us. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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